Affiliate terms of use

I. User guide
1. Affiliate links and content from affiliate sites
2. Guide to the correct use of words and messages in
Affiliate sites.
3. Guide to use the brands of the Llename Group.
4. Intellectual property rights.
5. Limitation of responsibilities.
6. Guide for the correct writing and use of the Group’s sites
7. Commissions and monitoring tools.
8. Landing pages and proper use of images.
II. Program Policies
9. Guidelines for email campaigns.
10. Guidelines on search engine campaigns

General Conditions of Use of Affiliate Programs
by Llename
The following General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, “Conditions of
Use ”) apply to all the websites of the Llename Group (hereinafter Llename).
The Conditions of Use of the Affiliate Programs of the Llename sites
(hereinafter “Llename Affiliate Programs”) are attached to the agreement
subscribed between any of the affiliate platforms and You (hereinafter
“The affiliate”) and incorporated by reference. Likewise, the affiliate accepts
comply with all the Conditions of Use and declare that you know and
expressly accept when you join the Affiliate Programs of
The Llename Group reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use
at any time and unilaterally. The Llename Group as well as the
different Affiliation platforms will notify, by email, the Affiliate
any modification of these Conditions of Use. Likewise, the
Affiliate will have access to the modified Terms of Use before
these come into force. The Affiliate may then notify in writing her
I reject the modified Terms of Use, in which case, you will lose the right
of the Affiliate to participate in the Llename Affiliate Programs.
In case of breach of any of the clauses of these
Conditions of Use, the Llename Group may (I) proceed to the immediate
suspension and expulsion of the Affiliate from the Llename Affiliate Programs and
(II), therefore, to the cancellation of the commissions generated by it.
Likewise (III), there will be a total cessation of any activity that does not
comply with the aforementioned Conditions of Use.
In this agreement, the term “link” refers to any banner, button,
graphic element or text link located on the Affiliate website or
placed by the Affiliate on the website of a third party associated therewith with a
“hypertext” link that allows users to be redirected to any of
Llename Group websites.
I. User guide
1) Affiliate links and content from affiliate sites

The Affiliate may not place any link on any website or page whose
theme or content is among those listed below or
that contain links that redirect to sites with such content:
• Political
• Erotic or pornographic or anything related to sex
• Weapons, whatever their characteristics
• Violence, and more specifically, incitement to it
• Drugs
• Insults and slander
As well as:
• Any content of an illegal nature or that violates the rights of
third parties
• Any content defined as indecent or contrary to public morals.
• All content contrary to the editorial line of the Llename Group.
Likewise, the Affiliate cannot create or work with websites or web pages.
that may be confused with any of the Llename Group sites.
In any case, the Affiliate will be responsible and compensate the Llename Group
for damages caused to third parties by the improper use of links or
content on their websites.
2) Guide to the correct use of words and messages in
Affiliate sites.

The “back” function of the user’s browser should not be disabled in
no time, so that the user can return at any time to
the source page.
When a user is redirected to any of the Group’s websites
Llename, the URL should be visible in the address bar of the
user’s browser ..
The URLs, links and titles of the links to the Llename Group must be
clearly identifiable by third parties when they link to any of the sites
Llename Group website. Pages that open automatically like this
as links that may cause confusion are prohibited.
Likewise, the Affiliate may not launch Pop ups or Pop unders that are opened
simultaneously to any other Pop up or Pop under released by

3) Guide to use the brands of the Llename Group.
The Affiliate expressly agrees with the following User Guide:
Said brands should not be used together with any other brand
registered. The only accepted wording of the same is: “Llename”,
“Satisfyu”, “” except when they are written in their entirety in capital letters or as part of domain names.
The Affiliate is not allowed to use derived or spelled words
manifestly wrong (misspellings). Likewise, the use of
any combination of several words including any
Llename Group trademark, any derived or spelled word
manifestly wrong (misspellings).
4) Intellectual property rights.
The Llename Group grants the Affiliate a royalty-free license, not
exclusive and non-transferable, to reproduce and use the logos of the Group
Llename as well as its trademarks, banners, buttons, links and any
other element made available to the Affiliate or provided through the
Affiliate platforms in the field of Affiliate Programs. The
license to reproduce and use the elements described in the previous line,
granted at European level and during the Affiliate’s participation in the Programs
Llename Affiliation.
The license is granted for the sole purpose of allowing:

(i) identifying yourself as a
Affiliate of the Llename Group on your website, search engines and in directories of the Internet and, in turn,

(ii) allow visitors to your website, search engines
search or Internet directories, be redirected to any of the sites of the
Llename group. Any other use outside this user guide is subject to
prior written authorization from the Llename Group.
In the event that the Affiliate terminates their participation in the
Llename affiliates, you must stop using, immediately, all
logos and trademarks of the Llename Group as well as banners,
buttons, links and any other element provided for this purpose to the Affiliate by the Llename Group within the scope of Llename Affiliate Programs.
The Affiliate also states that their participation in the
Llename Affiliates do not carry any other right, property or interest over
the logos and trademarks of the Llename Group as well as its
banners, buttons, links and any other element provided for this purpose at the
Affiliated by the Llename Group, through the Affiliation platforms, that the
expressly described and mentioned above. The respective holders
of the rights over said elements will be kept over them.
5) Limitation of responsibilities.
The Llename Group will make all reasonable efforts to ensure access
to the Llename Group websites.
For this reason, the Llename Group is not responsible for the following

(i) temporary interruptions of the service to update certain

(ii) operational difficulties or temporary suspensions of the
the Llename Group sites, through no fault of Llename, especially when
it is about electrical or energy fluid failures as well as the services of

(iii) temporary interruptions of the Group’s sites
Llename when it is necessary to carry out maintenance operations or
actions to improve their performance.
The Llename Group will not be responsible, in any case, for any loss
direct or indirect (such as loss of income or profit, etc.) suffered by
the Affiliate as a participant in the Llename Affiliate Programs and
originated, either by access, or by the inability to access the sites
Llename Group website, either due to slowness, delay, interruption or disappearance or loss of data.

6) Guide for the correct writing and use of the websites of the
Llename group.

People looking for a partner consult the different profiles and choose
those that interest them, among a large database of users. While
is connected to Llename,, people can easily and
spontaneously communicate with others and, in particular, thanks to
tools such as Messenger or video chat.
Llename, are places to meet people who are
open to all kinds of relationships, regardless of the type of encounter or relationship
to be sought, be it love or friendship.
In any case, there are certain expressions that should not be used to
promoting Llename, and in particular:
• “The meeting of your life”
• “Find your better half / true love”
• Any vocabulary or language related to fairy tales
• Any phrase or topic related to love, for example, “Your
heart is going to explode! “
• Any phrase alluding to the last chance, for example, “Take advantage
this opportunity!”
• Any message of commercial offer, for example, “the promotions of
this month”
• Content of a sexual nature
• Phrases that contain expressions such as “the ideal man”, “the man
of your dreams ”, etc.
• Any content that is too serious / cold in nature.
However, the following expressions can be used:
• Expressions that convey a positive vision of life, with
open minded and fun.
• Action verbs
• Meeting opportunities near your home, your city, in your
• Choose the profiles you like yourself
• Have fun, exciting encounters or enriching experiences.
• Feel the fun of the first meeting
• Express your personality and download your profile photo / Reveal a little more
of you adding words to your profile.
• Meet new people through live chat / Spontaneous dates
• Don’t hesitate, registering is free
• Live the Llename experience: thousands of users connected in each
instantly / contact thousands of online users at all times
• We put you in touch: then it’s up to you / discover the rest of the
• So that you can live the Llename experience to the fullest, a fourth
part of our staff is dedicated to moderating the site.
help users find compatible partners. It starts with
Affinity Test results based on four main variables: values,
opinions, personality and expectations. Then Llename Affinity suggest a selection of profiles
from your large database, which are compatible with your personality. Llename
Satisfyu are aimed at singles looking for a stable and lasting relationship over time.
Likewise, there are certain expressions that should not be used to
promote Llename Affinity,, specifically:
• Serious relationships
• Find love / fall in love / find your “one in a million”
• Expressions from “fairy tale”
• The love of her life
• The true love
• The perfect couple
• Your soul mate
• Her half orange
• The ideal man or woman
• Scientific
• Hope
• Need
• Happy ending
On the other hand, the use of the following expressions is suggested:
• Lasting relationships
• Find compatible partners
• Someone special
• Special people with true affinity / compatibility
• You win
• Wish
• Success stories
The affiliate assumes that he will write only professional advertising texts and
responsible without prejudice or exaggeration, and avoiding the use of superlatives
or comparative. The texts should not include negative connotations for the
Llename Group brands, at any level. Any content contrary to the
The Llename Group’s editorial line is prohibited.
The Affiliate expressly assumes not to use:
• No content whose object or activity is prohibited or regulated by
• No pornographic content
• No content that mentions another dating site (unless stated
refer to a generic word)
• And, more generally, any content that may harm
any of the Llename Group brands
The Affiliate is not authorized to give any statistical information about the
Llename Group except those provided by the Llename Group in the section of
User guide.

7) Commissions and monitoring tools.
The accounting of records and sales as well as the payment of commissions
originated by them, in the Llename Affiliate Programs are
carried out by the Affiliate Platforms.
Anyone who has registered under various names in the Program
it will be counted as a single record.
The number of registrations and sales originated by an Affiliate site and moreover
Generally, by the Affiliate links, they will be calculated in accordance with the
cookies placed on the user’s computer at the time of the
registration on the Llename Group sites according to the rule “only counts
last cookie ”. Thus, if a user clicks on the links of several Affiliates before
register on the Llename Group sites, only the cookie corresponding to the
link clicked last, will be taken into account.
The correct functioning of the tracking tools as well
as the punctuality in the payments and that these are equally correct is
responsibility of the Affiliate Platforms. Llename will not be responsible,
at any time, of any loss or tracking problem due to the
Affiliate Platforms.
If the Affiliate is rejected by Llename’s Affiliate Programs, they will not be
will allow to make the request again in the same for any other
Llename Group Program or any other Affiliate Platform without the
prior written authorization from the Llename Group Membership Team. Yes
an affiliate has registered several accounts and one or more of them have been
rejected or prohibited, the affiliate has to inform the Llename Group about
the others that it has active. If the Llename Group detects at any time that
this action has not been performed, any commission generated through
any of those accounts will be canceled.
II.- Program Policies
8) Landing pages and manual for the use of images
The Llename Group will provide the affiliate with a Landing Page.
The Affiliate may both link to the landing page offered by the Group
Llename how to create an intermediate page. If traffic is redirected to
through the intermediate page, said page must meet the conditions
standard of the Llename Group Affiliate Program and the Affiliate shall
have the written approval of the local team, namely:
– Do not include nudity or suggestive postures
– Do not include images subject to copyright
– Not violate any of the brand image standards of the Llename Group
– Do not include images of political, xenophobic or racist, pornographic or
violent nature
– Any text or image that infringes any third party rights
Images promoting Llename, will not be able to show:
– Models with a seductive image
– People who are too young or too old
– Images of exuberant or physically unattractive people
– Too “artificial” people
Images must show:
– Freshness and spontaneity, enjoying life
– People between 25 and 35 years old,
– Happiness, vitality, joy
– Realistic and natural environments
The images for the promotion of Llename will not be able to display:
– People who do not allow projection or with whom potential users do not
feel identified (too much perfection, models). Images too
sensual, vulgar, or involving people who are too young or old
– Attitudes that are too serious or formal, or that are too static or
photography studio
They must show:
– Real people enjoying life
– With an age between 35 and 45 years
– With cheerful, happy attitudes and showing vitality
– In a real environment (at home, outdoors …)
The representation of couples is not mandatory. They can also be used
images of women alone while they are in the age bracket
Landing pages and images used must have approval
meeting the Llename Group by sending it to [email protected].

9) Guidelines on email marketing campaigns
The Affiliate must exclusively use text or html creatives, and the
subject and sender will be provided by the Llename Group. Not allowed
the Affiliate to make any kind of change in the creative lines or in the subject and
sender previously provided by Llename Group unless
there is prior written approval of said change by the
Llename affiliate team. Llename will not pay any commission for those
emails that have been sent without prior approval and by
The Affiliate must send the final proof for approval to
[email protected] before sending the email campaign.
If the proof is not sent, the commissions will be canceled.
The Affiliate must include a link to unsubscribe in addition to the information
cancellation of the advertiser, which will be provided with each creative.
Under no circumstances will the “suppressions lists”
They may be used for commercial emailing shipments. The affiliate must
only use email addresses that have given their consent
express to receive shipments (opt-in).
The Affiliate declares that they are solely responsible. The Affiliate will indemnify and
will repair the damages caused to the Llename Group against any loss or damage
that could cause third parties.
The Affiliate agrees to comply with any laws or regulations that affect the sending of

10) Guidelines on search engine campaigns
The Affiliate may advertise the Llename Group sites on search engines or
web directories (Paid search) on Google, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing,, Miva, or similar search engines.
The Affiliate is not allowed to run any natural optimization campaign on
search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) for the Llename Group (including
when it involves paid campaigns)
• Keywords:
The Affiliate agrees to use only relevant keywords within
from the scope of the Llename Group as well as serious dating sites
and quality. The Affiliate will use only and exclusively keywords
directly or indirectly related to this domain.
The use of keywords is strictly prohibited
corresponding to trademarks, activities or products
prohibited or illegal, to any other dating site (unless the name
of the website is a generic name) as well as those related to
sex or the pornographic industry. The Affiliate is also not allowed to use
of any keyword whose use may be detrimental to the
Llename Group brands.
Likewise, the Affiliate is not allowed to buy keywords with the
Trademarks of the Llename Group as well as any other words
key containing domain names (Llename, Satisfyu) as well as derived words or
with intentionally wrong spelling (misspellings). Too
The use of a combination of several keywords that
contain any Llename Group trademarks, words
derived or with manifestly wrong spelling (misspellings).
The Affiliate must add to their paid search campaigns the list of
unusable words provided by the Llename Group.
• Adtexts:
The Affiliate agrees to write only responsible and professional advertisements,
impartial and without exaggeration, avoiding at all times the use of
superlatives and comparatives. The wording should not include words
that contain any negative connotations for the trademarks of the
Llename group at no level. All content contrary to the editorial line
The Llename Group is expressly prohibited. For more details, read the
writing guide (of correct writing) of section 6.
The Affiliate expressly agrees not to use:
o No text regarding prohibited objects or activities or
regulated by law
o No text of a pornographic nature
o No text that mentions a third dating site (unless
it is a generic word)
o And more generally, no text that affects
negatively to any of the Llename Group brands.
The Affiliate is not authorized to give any statistical information
about the Llename Group except those provided in the section of the
Guide to correct writing.
Using any Llename trademark is expressly prohibited,
derived words or with manifestly wrong spelling both
in the title and in the descriptive text of the ads.
Ads must be written in the language of the country in which they are
is running the campaign.
• URLs (urls to display and destination urls):
Any link can lead directly or indirectly to the websites
of the Llename Group. The Llename Group trademarks may
appear within the link respecting the following conditions:
o The Affiliate is not allowed to show urls that contain:,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The use of is allowed only
with express authorization; to do so, write to
[email protected] for more details.
o Likewise, the affiliate is not allowed to use a domain
from a country other than the state in which you are running the
Bell. For example, the domain could not be
used as url to show if the campaign is running
in a French or Swiss search engine.

In any case, the Affiliate is solely responsible for the website that
used in the Llename Affiliate Program, as well as its content,
links and activities developed within it. The Affiliate
will indemnify the Llename Group against any damage caused or loss that
could cause third parties, including the Llename Group, through its
participation in the Llename Affiliate Program as well as
any judgment subsequent to your participation in the
Llename affiliation.
The Llename Group reserves the right to terminate this special agreement
at any time without prior notice. In this case, the Affiliate must
immediately cease promoting any campaign associated with the
Llename group. The Llename Group reserves the right to cancel
commissions and their payment to any Affiliate who does not respect the conditions contained in the list of these Conditions of Use.